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Reporting an Incident

When there is an incident:

  1. Immediately report the incident to the police so it can be investigated and documented;
  2. Immediately notify your supervisor or fire chief;
  3. Supervisor or fire chief must notify State Risk Management (SRM).
  4. Take photographs of the incident scene including any damaged vehicles or property. Provide photographs to your supervisor or fire chief.

The supervisor or the fire chief must immediately report the incident to SRM by calling (405) 521-4999 or (888) 521-7475. The following information must be included in your message:

  1. Name of the fire department;
  2. Name of the department’s contact person and their daytime phone number;
  3. VIN/serial number and tag number of fire vehicle involved;
  4. Date and time of the incident;
  5. Description and location of the incident;
  6. The name of the fire department member involved in the incident;
  7. Detailed description of duties being performed by fire department member;
  8. Name(s) and contact information of other party(s) involved.

The following forms must also be completed and returned to SRM immediately.

Standard Liability Incident Report Forms:  

The current Driver’s Road Test Record or equivalent for the driver involved in the incident if a vehicle is involved.

If a third party is involved in the incident and wants to file a claim for damages, instruct them to call SRM at (405)521-4999 or (888)521-RISK. Give the other party the incident card and the driver completes the incident form and turns it in to SRM.

Follow these guidelines when exchanging information with others involved in the incident:

  1. Exchange only insurance information;
  2. DO NOT say it was your fault; let the appropriate authorities make any determination;
  3. DO NOT instruct the other party to fix or tamper with any damages until they speak with SRM:
  4. DO NOT provide the other party a copy of the Standard Liability Incident Report or Scope of Employment Form. This report is only for your records and the SRM claim file.