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About FDIP

The State of Oklahoma Risk Management Department (SRM) provides insurance programs to fire departments as authorized by 74 O.S. § 85.58B.

All liability programs offered through SRM correspond directly with the Oklahoma Governmental Tort Claims Act, (GTCA) (50 O.S. § 151), SRM Statutes 74 O.S. § 85.58B, and SRM's administrative rules, (OAC 260:70). SRM provides both self-insured and commercial insurance programs that protect fire departments’ properties, autos, and members as provided by state law. FDIP protects a Fire Department's sovereign immunity.

SRM also provides a wide range of additional services that include: risk assessment, building assessment, presentations, and legal services. All money paid into the self-insurance programs remains in Oklahoma and belongs to the fire departments participating in the FDIP program.


The Fire Department Insurance Program is available to the following Oklahoma fire department organizations:

  • Fire protection organizations organized and operated pursuant to the provisions of Sections 901.1 through 901.29 of Title 19 of Oklahoma statutes;
  • Volunteer or full-time fire departments established pursuant to Section 592 of Title 18 of Oklahoma statutes;
  • Municipal fire departments organized and operated pursuant to the provisions of Sections 29-101 through 29-108 and Sections 29-201 through 29-205 of Title 11 of Oklahoma statutes;
  • Fire protection services established pursuant to the provisions of Section 351 of Title 19 of Oklahoma statutes;
  • Rural fire coordinators employed by sub-state planning organizations acting pursuant to rural fire defense programs as described in 74 O.S. § 85.58B, et seq.